There could be times whenever one is not getting any hot water whatsoever yet one is certain the water heater is far from needing to be replaced. Right here are three things which Water Heater Repair Greensboro NC advises checking out first to check if they are the cause. All of the items listed are duties that any homeowner could easily carry out, as well.

Greensboro Homeowner Things to Check When Not Having Any Hot Water from the Water HeaterGreensboro water heater repairs

First of all, check the temperature setting on the water heater thermostat. Generally, ones water heater is in a region of the home where there aren’t many things that will occur, nevertheless it is a possibility that the thermostat was bumped and accidentally lowered. We have smaller kids, and you never know what may happen. If it is set at a temp lower than, say, 100 degrees, it was moved. The standard setting needs to be around 120 degrees.

While one is still at the water heater, look to see if the pilot light remains on. It’s a possibility that it has blown out and should be reignited. If the pilot light is out, the water in the storage tank is not going to continue to be hot for too long. A lot of newer water heaters have a self ignition switch that make it straightforward to relight the water heater. If perhaps ones heater is old and has to be “manually” relit, check out the below video to learn the right way to do this:

Not to sound silly, but think whether it is a possibility that the water storage tank is making an attempt at reheating water. In the event that a lot of hot water using products and appliances have just finished making use of, or are in the process of utilizing hot water, the storage tank might need to catch up to the hot water need. If perhaps this is a thing which goes on often in ones house, the size of the present water heater may not be large enough for ones hot water requirements. We can help ascertain if a bigger storage tank is required. We could also share details about tankless water heaters to determine if one would be a fine choice for the property.

In case one has an electric water heater installed in the house, we recommend checking to see if the breaker got tripped. In case it has been tripped, it will not provide electricity for the water heater. If it has been tripped for quite a while, the water within the storage tank will not be very warm, and that is the issue. If perhaps this is the issue, turn the breaker switch off, after that switch it to the on position. Wait one minute to verify it remains on and does not trip itself again. When it does switch off again, call us to find out the reason it isn’t staying on.

There could be various other causes for why the water heater isn’t producing any hot water that we would need to inspect, and are not items one ought to be testing for, on account of safety factors. While a reasonably safe and upkeep free house appliance, hot water heaters may be harmful and must only be maintained by an experienced plumber.