With the winter weather at its peak, having a hot bath and washing dishes with hot water can be luxurious! But if one’s water heater is taking a long time to heat the water, daily life can get annoying and the winter time could seem even colder. It’s really important, if there is an obvious change in one’s water heater’s efficiency through the winter season, to have the water heater examined by us. Nevertheless, there are actually several maintenance tasks that any homeowner may take on that might considerably impact the performance of the water heater, and help avoid the need for a Greensboro Water Heater Repair.

Care Tasks to Boost Greensboro Water Heater EfficiencyGreensboro Water Heater Efficiency

The very first thing one should do if experiencing a hot water issue is to check the environment nearby the water heater. If the water heater is located in a basement, in particular an unfinished basement, it might be too cold. It would benefit the hot water heater and, consequently, the water that makes its way into one’s house, to get the area surrounding the water heater well insulated and not drafty. Additionally, the hot water lines that bring the hot water from the water heater to the faucets in the property could be getting cold and cooling down the water on the trip. It’s very simple to place pipe insulation around the water line, and the affect could be huge!

Dip Tube Maintenance

A lot of water heaters have a dip tube, a small tube at the base of the tank which lets cold water in the tank while not cooling down the stored hot water around the top. The dip tube is a plastic material, though, and can break or crack. If the dip tube is broken, cold water may leak into the hot water storage, which will cause the water going into the home to be cooler than expected. Thankfully, it is pretty easy to swap the majority of dip tubes.

Water Heater Blankets

These types of specially designed blankets cover the water heater and keep the temperature of the water steady. One may want to think about a water heater blanket if the water heater is cooler to the touch. If a blanket is utilized, one should flip the temperature setting down a bit as the blanket can heat the water, as much as 10 degrees greater than the temperature its set.

In case these servicing duties were tried and one is still having an issue with the temperature of the water, call us! One of our specialists may have to have a look at the heating element or perhaps the pilot burner. Regardless of the problem, we shall have ones water heater functioning at top efficiency quickly!